Yoga Series - Nervous System Remedies


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Join Janell Hartman, yoga teacher and digestive expert, to learn calming and effective techniques to relax the nervous system.

What you'll get:

~5 videos with detailed instruction suitable for all levels. 

     1. Diaphragm Strengthening & Mobilizing - Increase vitality and balance the nervous system with these strengthening exercises. This remedy is especially helpful for breaking the habit of holding the breath due to chronic stress, which locks in the vicious cycle of anxiety and stress related illness.

     2. Self-Massage with Breath - These self touch and breathing techniques induce a deep relaxation response that enhances healing throughout the body and mind. Use these remedies for stress management, brain health, restorative relaxation.

    3. Mind & Body Awareness - This simple yet powerful exercise increases awareness and connection to the body while calming and focusing the mind. Mind Body awareness and connection is essential to break chronic and stubborn health issues. These exercises also serve those seeking inner guidance with their health or who desire to take their healing to the next level.

    4. Toning for Vagal Regulation - This restorative remedy requires no movement and yields mental clarity and nervous system regulation while empowering the voice.

    5. Insomnia - Rest & Sleep Remedy - Janell leads you through relaxing postures, breathing patterns, and self massage techniques that induce deeper states of rest. These remedies are excellent for addressing insomnia, anxiety, and stress.

~Lifetime access

~Education that will change the way your body feels!