Yoga Series - Musculoskeletal Remedies


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Product Description

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Join Janell Hartman, yoga teacher and digestive expert, to learn simple and effective techniques to relieve tight muscles and support skeletal alignment.

What you'll get:

~5 videos with detailed instruction suitable for all levels. 

      1. Facial Oozing for Muscle and Joint Pain Relief - These easy, flowing exercises clear stiffness, inflammation, and pain from the joints and muscles of the body. The "oozing" movements lubricate the joints and muscles to enhance gliding and overall function.

      2. Neck & Shoulder Release Remedy - These simple and relaxing exercises help reduce neck and shoulder tension.

      3. Lower Back Release (with strap)- Gentle but effective low back release exercises using a strap of any kind that relieve low back tension and create flexibility in the spine and hamstrings. This set of exercises is specifically helpful for anyone experiencing restriction in the sacroiliac joints (base of the spine).

      4. Gentle Myofascial Release -In this series of movements Janell uses common items (tennis ball and a yoga block) to create deeper and more specific releases of tension in the neck, shoulders, and hips.

       5. Gentle Yoga Facia Flow - These yoga sequences enhance flexibility, joint lubrication, and overall circulation thereby reducing pain and inflammation. This full body application is appropriate for myalgia syndromes and chronic pain.

~Lifetime access

~Education that will change the way your body feels!