Yoga Series - Digestive Remedies


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Product Description

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Join Janell Hartman, yoga teacher and digestive expert, to learn simple and effective techniques for digestive health. 

What you'll get:

~5 videos with detailed instruction suitable for all levels. 

      1. Bloat & Cramp Clearing Remedy - These easy and relaxing poses relieve the discomfort of gas or bloating and improve digestion.

      2. The Art of Pooping: Constipation and Hemorrhoid Remedy - Learn postures and proper body alignment for better elimination and reducing hemorrhoids.

      3. Abdominal Self-Massage - These easy and relaxing postures improve digestion and elimination. They can be used anytime and are perfect for anyone with mobility challenges.

      4. Diaphragm Strengthening & Mobilizing - In this video, we'll work to alleviate indigestion issues by strengthening and expanding the diaphragm through breathing techniques and postures. Use these exercises to relieve GERD, reflux, and overfullness.

       5. Dynamic Restorative Vagal Reset - The vagus nerve is the master regulator for digestion, elimination, cardiovascular health, the respiratory system, and the nervous system. Use this series of squeezing and releasing exercises to relieve stress-related digestive issues, breathing issues, high blood pressure, and general anxiety.

~Lifetime access

~Education that will change the way your body feels!