Free Online Class: Effective Gut Healing Strategies


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FREE CLASS with Co-Founder Kristi Zimmer, Director of Nutrition and Product Development Heidi Ochsner RD and Medical Director Dr. Jamie Doughty, ND.


(Donations are appreciated.)


Struggling with ongoing digestive issues? Chronic bloating, IBS, constipation and discomfort?

Managing autoimmune syndromes, skin issues or chronic inflammation and body pain?

Worried about how your ongoing gut issues impact your immunity and resilience?

A leaky and inflamed gut can lead to a multitude of pesky health issues, for sure. But have no fear! There are clinically proven solutions that will heal your gut and strengthen your immunity!

Join Tummy Temple leadership for this informative and lively discussion about effective ways to rebuild a leaky gut and strengthen your immunity and overall health from the inside out.


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