Free Class: The Hidden Roots of Allergies, Eczema and Asthma


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FREE CLASS with Dr. Jennea Wood ND and Heidi Ochsner MS, RD

Despite all the upheavals in our world right now, some things never change: We are back in the midst of allergy season! Please join Dr. Jennea Wood ND and Heidi Ochsner RD to learn about the hidden root causes of these three related though distinct conditions.

 What we’ll cover:

•   What do these diseases have in common?

•   What is going on with the immune system?

•   How is the digestive system involved?

•   How is your environment involved?

•   The importance of addressing each person individually

•   Herbal and nutritional strategies to begin the healing process

•   How to proceed safely and involve your primary care doctor 

Get your questions answered!

Shutterstock credits: Caution Sign - Allergy Season Ahead by Jim Vallee.