LIVE, ONLINE Restorative Seminar: Saturday, May 8th, 10am-12noon


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Restorative Seminar 

with Janell Hartman

Learn all about how the nervous system affects the success or detriment of all your efforts. The first hour we'll dive into the physiology of healing.  The second hour, we'll dive into a restorative yoga routine that will leave you in touch with what it actually feels like to be in a healing state.

 You will need Yoga props for the sequence of postures,  so look around your house for the following:

  • 2 stacks of books (or yoga blocks)
  • rolled up pillow (fold into bolster shape with duct tape or scarf)
  • thick towel (if no smaller blanket available)

This seminar is particularly helpful for anyone experiencing health issues that arise from acute or chronic stress.  If you've forgotten how to relax or just can't get into a balanced state, then suffer no longer.  Join the class and learn how the body finds its way to digest, down-regulate and repair. 


Shutterstock credits: Silhouette young woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset by De Visu