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DiJu - 10000346C
DiJu - 10000346C
Item #: 10000346C
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    The #1 Remedy of America’s Largest Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic for 15 years!

    Why do we and our clients love Diju?

    Because it reliably relieves discomfort as it works with the body to gently…

    • Increase production of digestive juices
    • Soften hard stool
    • Encourage cleansing
    • Regulate bowl movements

    Whether you are unable to have a bowel moment without laxatives OR you suffer from occasional constipation when under stress, Diju reliably comes to the rescue without the irritating and overstimulating effects of laxatives. That’s why it’s been our #1 selling product for 15 years and counting!

    Keep Diju on-hand and keep things moving wherever you go!

    • Home
    • Office
    • Suitcase
    • Purse
    • Backpack
    • Briefcase

    Diju has always worked for our clients when used appropriately and given a chance.

    If it's not working for you, please call (206) 729-6211 for quick support! Or set up a phone-based or on-location appointment with one of our Naturopathic Doctors.

    Typically, the issue is not enough water, not enough pellets, not taking it 2-3 times daily for a long enough period, or food choices that have been aggravating the situation.

    Because Diju is not a laxative, it will leave you feeling more refreshed, rather than depleting your system the way laxatives do.

    And since Diju’s ingredients are so mild, you can safely increase your dosage until you find what works for you, then reduce over time, as your body begins to self-regulate.

    OUR DIJU STORY: In the 1990’s Kristi Zimmer (Tummy Temple co-owner) was on a journey to heal her own GI issues and inflammatory pain. Landing in Seattle, fate placed her under the mentorship of a renowned Naturopathic Doctor and colonic pioneer, and led her to a magical Chinese herbal formula. Both changed her life.

    Kristi shared the gentle-yet-powerful formula with her husband, Tim Zimmer, and when they created the Tummy Temple, they knew they had to share it with their community.

    They soon discovered that the Master Chinese Herbalist who created the formula in 1954 was a kindred spirit, motivated by his own passion for supporting the wellness of his community. The two family businesses forged an easy partnerhip and the Tummy Temple’s Diju was born.

    2-3 easy to release, soft and well formed bowel movements per day. Noticeable improvement should be evident within 12 hours for mild issues and up to 4 days for extreme issues.

    Take 10 pellets with meals. Increase or decrease as needed to bowel tolerance. Up to 80 per day maximum. To address congested material and for those who do not have a bowel movement every day, an additional dose of 10-25 pellets may be taken on an empty stomach at bedtime.

    One pack will generally last up to two weeks for extremely challenging situations, one month for moderately challenging needs, and 3-6 months for infrequent use.

    WILDCRAFTED INGREDIENTS: Aloe Leaf (with laxative qualities removed), Scullcap Root, Amur Cork Tree Bark, Safphora Tree Flower (bud), Coptis Root, Rhubarb Root, Cape Jasmine Fruit, Honey (binder).

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Diju is a dietary aid. It does not replace a good diet and is not intended to be taken on a regular basis for life. Healthy bowel movements are fundamentally a byproduct of chewing your food until it is liquid, drinking lots of good water, eating in a relaxed manner, going to bathroom when your body says it is time, and eating a diet that is balanced, varied and fiber-rich.

    If you need help with nutrition and eating habits please call the Tummy Temple to set up a phone consultation with our registered dietician at (206) 729-6211. Remember, Diju is an aid not a cure.

    If your stool is liquified or thin do not take Diju. Diju is also not for use by children under 4. If you have a heart condition, are pregnant, or have a serious illness, please consult your doctor before using Diju. While Diju may not pose any concerns, it's always wise to do your homework to ensure your wellness and health.

    Diju 1oz / 30g = approximately 800 pellets

    Suggested Use: Take 10 pellets with meals (do not chew). Increase as needed to bowel tolerance, up to 80 per day maximum or as recommended by your health care professional. Can be taken on an empty stomach for stronger results. If stool becomes too soft decrease.

    Target Goal: 2-3 easy to release, soft and well-formed bowel movements per day.

    Wild Crafted Ingredients: Aloe leaf (with laxative qualities removed), Scullcap root, Amur Cork tree bark, Safphora Tree flower (bud), Coptis root, Rhubarb root, Cape Jasmine fruit, honey (binder) & magical blessings.

    Note: Consult your physician if you have diarrhea, are lactating or have a serious health condition. Not for use during pregnancy or by children under 4.