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Total Body Rapid Detox (3-part kit) - Advanced Naturals

Total Body Rapid Detox (3-part kit)  - Advanced Naturals
Total Body Rapid Detox (3-part kit) - Advanced Naturals
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    • Simple, fast and effective
    • 3-part kit includes 8 grams of soluble fiber daily
    • Soy-free, gluten-free
    • Great pre-diet cleanse

    Total Body RAPID Detox is a 7-day, deep-acting total-body cleansing and metabolic jumpstart program. Step 1: Detoxify with Deep Liver and Organ Cleanse. Herbal extracts, amino acids and vitamin C provide powerful antioxidant and deep-cleansing support. Supports the liver with 4 amino acids and 6 herbal extracts. 7 herbal extracts are included to support the rapid and deep detoxification of the lungs, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin and blood. Step 2: Capture with Natural Acacia Fiber.Provides 8 grams of 100% soluble acacia fiber daily. Fiber is a critical component of colon cleansing, as well as organ detoxification and purification. Step 3: Eliminate with Colon Cleanse.Formulated with magnesium hydroxide (a mineral that helps to hydrate the bowel) as well as cape aloe and rhubarb to stimulate bowel contractions. Triphala, marshmallow and slippery elm help soothe and lubricate the bowel during this critical cleansing step.

    Supplement Label

    WARNING: Use only as recommended unless otherwise directed by a healthcare professional. This product is intended to be used under the direction and supervision of a healthcare professional.