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DiJu - 10000346
DiJu - 10000346
Item #: 10000346
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    The Tummy Temple is the largest colon hydrotherapy clinic in the United States.

    Diju is our top seller with the only other product that comes close being Smooth Passage Plus.

    Everyone should have this in their house, suitcase and office desk.

    We have used Diju over the years when we have clients that have such hard stool that it will not break up enough to go through the rectal speculums in our colon hydrotherapy equipment. Often these are clients that may have a bowel movement regularly every 4 days to once a month. As well we also use Diju with clients that cannot have a bowel movement without the use of a laxative. In those cases Diju is an excellent transitory product for helping them migrate off of laxatives. 

    Diju has always worked when used appropriately and given a chance.  If it's not working for you please call 206-729-6211 for quick support or to set up a phone-based appointment or on-location session with one of our Naturopathic Doctors.  Usually the issue is not enough water, not enough pellets, food choices have been aggrevating the situation or not taking it 2-3 times daily for a long enough period.  Noticeable improvement should be evident within 12 hours for mild issues and up to 4 days for extreme issues.

    The beauty of Diju is that by varying the amount you take it can be used for people, as mentioned above, that have rock hard stool as well as those that generally have regular bowel movements but sometimes get stopped up, slowed down or the stool just gets hard for any number of reasons.

    Diju helps with:
    * softening hard stool
    * gentle cleansing
    * just getting things moving again
    * regulating bowel movements

    In simple terms DiJu is a purgative (something used to cause evacuation of the bowels) that works through helping the body secrete more digestive juices. As a result of the increase in digestive juices, hard stool is softened and built up, stagnant material is released.

    Remember, however, DiJu is not a laxative. You will find that your experience using DiJu will leave you feeling more refreshed after leaving the bathroom as compared to the harsh affects usually felt when using laxatives. So don't hesitate increasing the quantity you are taking per the directions. For directions click on the Additional Information tab above.

    DiJu is a dietary aid. It does not replace a good diet and is not intended as something that should be taken for life. Healthy bowel movements are fundamentally a byproduct of chewing your food till it is liquid, drinking lots of good water, eating in a relaxed manner, going to bathroom when your body says it is time and eating a diet that is balanced, varied and fiber rich. If you need help with nutrition and eating habits please call the Tummy Temple to set up a phone consultation with our nutritionist at 206-729-6211. Remember, DiJu is an aid not a cure.

    Caution: If your stool is liquified or thin do not take DiJu. DiJu is also not for use by children under 4. If you have a heart condition, are pregnant, or have a serious illness please consult your doctor before using DiJu. It may be fine, however doing your homework will ensure your happiness and health.

    Target Goal: 2-3 easy to release, soft and well formed bowel movements per day. 

    AS AN ESTIMATE: One pack will generally last 2 weeks for extremely challenging situations, one month for moderately challengin needs and 3-6 months for infrequent use.

    Ingredients: Aloe leaf (with laxative qualities removed), Scullcap root, Amur Cork tree bark, Safphora Tree flower (bud), Coptis root, Rhubarb root, Cape Jasmine fruit, honey (binder).


    Adults (with hard stool): To soften hardened stool, start off taking roughly 20 pills twice daily. Dosage may decrease if stool becomes too soft or increased up to 80 pills maximum per day, as needed. (Read the section entitled 'What You Might Expect' below to learn how to use DiJu for maintenance and overall health improvement.)

    Adults (that are irregular): To establish regularity, start of taking roughly 10-20 pills twice daily, morning and evening. Dosage may decrease if stool becomes too soft or increased up to 80 pills maximum per day, as needed. Continue for one month to evaluate DiJu. A lot will change. Now that you are feeling a lot better, now is probably a great time to improve your dietary habits and food intake. After 2-3 months, if the regularity of your bowel movements slow down again, increase dosage till you are going at least twice per day. Continue at this dosage for another month. Then, start reducing the amount you are taking over the next two months till you are no longer using DiJu regularly. (Read the section entitled 'What You Might Expect' below to learn more.)

    Adults (consistently difficult or rare bowel movements): Start with 20-40 pills three times per day after each meal. Dosage should not exceed 120 pills maximum per day. This approach is for short term use (up to one week).

    Children: Remember that eating habits and dietary intake are the best tools for effecting long term improvements. DiJu is a temporary aid, not a cure. Children under 12 should start off taking 3 pills twice daily, morning and evening. Increase the number of pills by one each time until the desired results are achieved. The quantity of pills should never exceed twice their age daily. (E.g. A 10 year old should never take more than 20 pills per day.). Use DiJu at these quantities in the same method as adults for hard stool, constipation and irregular bowel movements. At age 12, children may start taking the same amount as adults.

    What You Might Experience taking DiJu:

    Goal: Ideally you should be having 2-3 bowel movements per day. Each bowel movement should feel like you are having a complete release and that you don't still have stool at the end of your colon waiting to get out. Your stool should be well formed and soft without a strong odor.

    You will likely start using the bathroom more often the day after you start taking DiJu and you will have likely have more bowel movements. During the first 2 weeks you may need to adjust the amount of DiJu you are taking to get your stool condition to become soft but firm. If your stool is not holding its form then reduce the amount of DiJu you are taking.

    Don't be surprised if your bowel movement's rhythmic cycle becomes irregular during these first 2 weeks. This is normal. After 3-4 weeks (for some it take longer) your stool should begin to settle down and your organ functions should become balanced. The time to evaluate DiJu is at the end of the first month.

    After a few months, this improved elimination cycle will slow down, meaning the initial cleansing of old stagnated feces has been completed. At this point, please increase till you are having 2-3 bowel movements per day and the stool is soft and formed. From this point start to slowly work the amount of DiJu down until you do not use it regularly any more. If you are having difficulty working it down you may need professional help with your nutrition and dietary habits. Please contact the Tummy Temple (206-729-6211) for nutrition phone consultations if you do not have someone locally with whom you are comfortable and confident. All phone costs for consultations via the Tummy Temple will covered at our expense when dialed from our phones.

    Caution: If your bowel is watery or thin do not take DiJu. DiJu is also not for use by children under 4. If you have a heart condition, are pregnant, or have a serious illness please consult your doctor before using DiJu. It may be fine, however doing your homework will ensure your happiness and health.