LIVE, ONLINE Lymphatic Yoga Class: Sept 26th , 9am, $10


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with Janell Hartman

Let's strengthen our immunity together!

Lymphatic cleansing is of utmost importance. It allows us to move stagnant toxins out and move immune cells around, bolstering our defense against ailments of all sorts.

In this yoga session with Janell, we'll show you how to liven up and liberate your lymph!  If you suffer from swelling and sluggishness, then this class is for you!

Look forward to some bouncing, swinging, tapping and other primal movements to open up the proper channels and get your lymph--your immune system, ready to roll!

This class is accessible to all levels, and can even be done in a chair!

Use the link you receive in your order confirmation email to view the class.

Call us at 206-729-6211 if you have any trouble gaining access. :)


Shutterstock credits: Blue light background by numstocker. Illustration of female body lymphatic system by SK Chavin.