LIVE, ONLINE Class: Heal Heartburn Naturally


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Tuesday, Nov 17th

5:00pm PST (~1 hour)

FREE CLASS with Dr. Jennea Wood ND and Heidi Ochsner MS, RD

(Donations are greatly appreciated.)



Heartburn and acid reflux encompass a commonly experienced spectrum of symptoms that range from pesky to downright distressing. Conventionally, these conditions are treated by blocking or neutralizing stomach acid with medications like Prilosec or Tums. But the long-term consequences of this approach are nasty. Come learn about the true root causes of acid reflux and how to start down the path of healing.

What we’ll cover:

  • What are the most common root causes of heartburn
  • A starter kit of Dr. Jennea’s herbal, nutritional and lifestyle strategies for healing from this condition
  • When is testing necessary
  • Supportive supplement options
  • Why it’s important to address each person individually
  • When to seek additional support
  • Get your questions answered

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