Cleanse Prep and Aftercare Kit (3 Day)


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The Cleansing Prep Kit (3 Day) is comprised of a 3 day supply of DiJu (an herbal stool softener and bowel regulator) and Smooth Passage  (a soothing, cleansing and intestinal toning fiber formula the helps to normalize bowel movements and improve liver/gallbladder function).

By design this kit is ideal for preparing people for EVERY cleanse. Good cleanse preparation ensures that every major organ of elimination is as clear as possible to ensure that it is easy to eliminate toxins FROM the body. When the pathways of elimination are challenged, the body is more likely to reabsorb and redistribute toxins that have been mobilized for release. Lack of preparation prior to cleansing is a common mistake and a lot of people may do more damage than good regardless of intent.

This kit comes with simple guidelines to help people also address skin, lungs and kidneys. If the kit is used and people follow the guidelines they can expect better results and less side effects from the cleanse that will follow. For those that do not own a dry skin brush, to exfoliate the skin and improve lymph movement, then we recommend purchasing the Cleanse Prep Kit Plus (3 Day).

As this kit is designed as a simple way to help open up the colon for better releases it is ideal for use prior to enemas, colonics, liver/gallbladder cleanses, whole body detoxification, fasting, special diets, diet transitions, heavy metal detoxification regimens, and more!

People looking for a mild and simple shift in wellness may also use this kit as a cleanse. Great examples would be using this upon return from travel, after a hard work at week, shaking off a lingering cold, after a weekend of feasting and partying, or for a great way to start the week.


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