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Our 10 day cleanse will detoxify the liver and gallbladder, reduce inflammation and balance your microbiome (good bacteria). This community supported cleanse comes with a delicious menu, snack ideas and recipes designed by our Holistic Registered Dietitian. You are supported throughout the cleanse with a balance of individual care and community support that will leave your body, mind and spirit refreshed!   

What you'll get:

  • Complete Body Reset Detox Supplement Packs and Temple Biotic Probiotic Repopulator = $170 in products.
  • Menu, recipes, grocery list, snack list
  • Comprehensive information on intention setting, detox reactions and more
  • 15 minutes one-on-one support with holistic Registered Dietitian, Heidi Ochsner MS
  • Coaching videos throughout the cleanse.

Enhance with one-on-one sessions (prices vary)

  • Take your cleanse to the next level with supportive virtual consults
    • Holistic health counseling with our Naturopathic Doctor team
    • Nutritional Counseling with our Registered Dietitian
    • Distance energy healing sessions and private restorative yoga sessions available upon request  

Go to www.templewise.net to sign up today.