Immune Support Kit PLUS CBD

These products are hand-picked for immune and anti-viral support nutrients. Doctor's Bliss Lemon Euphoria 1 oz. CBD oil has been added for stress and pain management.

We've included suggested dosing (not a substitute for medical advise, please contact your Tummy Temple Naturopathic Physician (206-729-6211) for detailed supplements and dosing pertaining to you).

The kit includes the following...

  • Optimal Lipospheric Vitamin C - 3000 mg daily, (Take 1 tsp 3x per day away from food)
  • Vitamin D3 K2 liquid - 10,000 IUs daily, (Take 10 drops with food)
  • Vitamin A - 10,000 IUs daily, (Take 1 drop daily with food - shake before use - DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT)
  • Therapeutic Mushroom Formula - Take 2 capsules 1-3x per day with or without food
  • Colloidal silver - 3-6 sprays 3x per day
  • Zinc Picolinate - 45mg daily, (Take 1 pill 3x per day)
  • Deep Lung Herbal Tincture - 6-8 pumps 3x a day.
  • Doctor's Bliss Lemon Euporia [1 oz CBD oil] - 1 dropperful 3 x per day - hold under tongue for 30 seconds then swallow

Please note...

As supplies shift in the coming weeks we may change brands of certain products. All products are hand-picked by our Nutrition and Product Director and must meet rigorous standards of Tummy Temple.

Any change to price of products or kits will be reflected at checkout.

If products become back ordered, then we will ship as soon as they arrive.

All products have more shipments on the way. Thank you for your patience and flexibility during this time of high demand.